The Ebionite Christian Church - Part 2 (Keith Akers)

What role would an Ebionite Christian Church play — why would anyone want to form one at all? The main reason is to provide a place for ethical vegetarianism in Christianity. The Ebionites, whatever else you may say about them, believed that vegetarianism was part of the...Read More »

Finding “The Lost Way” of Early Christianity (Dan Wilkinson)

Stephen J. Patterson, whose new book, released today, The Lost Way: How Two Forgotten Gospels Are Rewriting the Story of Christian Origins…. explores the origins, context, text and interpretation of the Q Gospel, along with another early non-canonical Christian document, the Gospel of Thomas. While...Read More »

The Ebionite Christian Church - Part 1 (Keith Akers)

The Ebionites are an inspiration for me because they were vegetarians and held vegetarianism to be part of the gospel message. But I’m not an “Ebionite fundamentalist,” nor do I want to make any particular metaphysical system the basis for a fellowship, like some sort of Ebionite equivalent...Read More »

Noah: Unity of Thought (Rabbi Lazer Kurkow)

When examining the overall meaning and purpose of the ark one quickly grasps that though its aim was survival, its culture was one of peace. The motif, united we stand, divided we fall, rang true in the ark. Samples of every living species on the planet lived in...Read More »

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