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How Christians Reject Jesus: On Trying to Outsmart God (Adam Ericksen)

Here at Teaching Nonviolent Atonement we have written a lot about nonviolence. We take seriously the words of Jesus that we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. We believe that violence begets violence, or as Jesus put it, “Those who live by...Read More »

Challenging the 'Just War' Theory (Tony Migliano)

Is there such a thing as a just war? Can the massive death and destruction of armed conflict ever be morally justified by followers of the Prince of Peace? For the first disciples of Christ the answer was a resounding “No!” During the first 300 years of Christianity...Read More »

The Not So Irresistible Revolution (Leigh Finnegan)

In 2005 I read Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution and fell in love with the idea of intentional community. Five intentional communities later, I know now that living in community is tough stuff. In fact, Shane says it himself: “The simple way is not the easy way....Read More »

Jane Goodall: 5 reasons to have hope for the planet (Rhett Butler and Jeremy Hance)

Jane Goodall is not only arguably the most famous conservationist who ever lived, but also the most well-known and respected female scientist on the planet today…. Her path to reach that stature is as unlikely as it is inspiring. Told to “never give up” by her mother, Goodall...Read More »

The “Prince of Peace” or the God of War? Jesus as Nonviolent Messiah (Simon J. Joseph)

In my book, The Nonviolent Messiah, I propose that the historical Jesus was consistently nonviolent in word and deed throughout his ministry. The English term “nonviolent” – like “pacifist” – may not have existed in first-century Judea, but they are useful terms today in so far...Read More »

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