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Sacrificial death?

The path to a sacrifice-free faith was much more fraught than is usually thought, with “competing culture-producers” offering different accounts of how Christianity related to animal sacrifice in Israel and among Gentiles. (Peter J. Leithart)


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Helping Second Coming Promises Become Reality (Pastor Frank L. Hoffman)

Helping second coming promises become reality in our own lives and for all those who live in the heavenly will of God, which includes the animals who are suffering horribly at the hands of unscrupulous human beings. And the sooner we start helping second coming promises become reality,...Read More »

Sacrificial death? (Peter J. Leithart)

Daniel Ullucci’s The Christian Rejection of Animal Sacrifice helpfully complicates our picture of views on ancient sacrifice, both pre-Christian and Christian. He challenges the standard narrative that claims that Christians straightforwardly and pretty much immediately recognized Jesus’ death as a final sacrifice, and pretty much immediately...Read More »

Pope Francis says dogs go to heaven, sparking an animal rights debate (Robin Abcarian)

Pope Francis set off a fascinating debate about whether animals have souls when he offered consolation earlier this week to a boy whose dog had died. “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ,” the pope said during a public appearance in St....Read More »

Sacred Journeys weds new pilgrims to old paths (Kimberly Winston)

At a time when membership in organized religion is shrinking, the number of spiritual or religious pilgrims has never been larger—more than 200 million per year. Why? That’s the main question behind Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler, a six-part television series…. But Feiler’s contemporary pilgrims don’t have much in common with...Read More »

Why the Animal Protection Movement Has Failed (Michael Mountain)

The paper…. “Denial of Death and the Relationship between Humans and Other Animals”, explores the psychology of how and why we humans feel compelled to treat our fellow animals as commodities and resources – and the whole natural world as our property. The reason lies...Read More »

Fat is a spiritual issue (again) (Douglas Todd)

In 2011, Northwestern University found that church-attending young adults are 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age than their non-religious peers…. For decades North American Christians didn’t want to talk about it, for fear of being seen as insensitive. But the once-stigmatized subject of obesity...Read More »

The Truth About Religion and Animals (Mary Eberstadt)

Religious concern for animals comes as a surprise only to readers unacquainted with religion—a number that’s increasing, as many surveys show. As many “nones” seem not to know, theological concern for animals is in fact longstanding, as the dietary rules of Judaism concerning slaughter are...Read More »

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