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Why the Animal Protection Movement Has Failed

Our central problem, as humans, is that as much as we reach for the stars and create profoundly beautiful works of art, we cannot escape the knowledge that, just like all the other animals, we are destined to die, go into the ground, and become food for worms. (Michael Mountain)


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Sacred Journeys weds new pilgrims to old paths (Kimberly Winston)

At a time when membership in organized religion is shrinking, the number of spiritual or religious pilgrims has never been larger—more than 200 million per year. Why? That’s the main question behind Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler, a six-part television series…. But Feiler’s contemporary pilgrims don’t have much in common with...Read More »

Why the Animal Protection Movement Has Failed (Michael Mountain)

The paper…. “Denial of Death and the Relationship between Humans and Other Animals”, explores the psychology of how and why we humans feel compelled to treat our fellow animals as commodities and resources – and the whole natural world as our property. The reason lies...Read More »

Fat is a spiritual issue (again) (Douglas Todd)

In 2011, Northwestern University found that church-attending young adults are 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age than their non-religious peers…. For decades North American Christians didn’t want to talk about it, for fear of being seen as insensitive. But the once-stigmatized subject of obesity...Read More »

The Truth About Religion and Animals (Mary Eberstadt)

Religious concern for animals comes as a surprise only to readers unacquainted with religion—a number that’s increasing, as many surveys show. As many “nones” seem not to know, theological concern for animals is in fact longstanding, as the dietary rules of Judaism concerning slaughter are...Read More »

Bloody minds (Neeraj Chandra Roy)

It is hard to accept that the savagery of blood-thirsty butchers killing innocent animals in the name of religion is revered in our “civilized” society. The gory scenes of ruthless sacrifices held on the premises of Gadhimai temple shows the darker side of humanity and the extent of...Read More »

Peace theology needs more than tinkering (Colman McCarthy)

No question about it, Terrence J. Rynne thinks highly of Jesus Christ and his ministry. The attraction, Rynne explains in the tonic introduction to seven chapters of often lucid prose, is “Jesus’ clear rejection of violence” in his personal, political, teaching and spiritual lives…. Rynne, who has a...Read More »

The battle against Santa (Brian Bethune)

For a decade, the war on Christmas has been a reliable outrage generator in the U.S…. Even more murky is the question of who won…. What actually seems to be happening is that Christmas is continuing down the bifurcated path it’s been on since Charles Dickens’s time. There...Read More »

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