Is A “Carnal Christian” Saved?: Part Three (Roger E. Olson)

A truly saved person will always be one who knows he or she is a sinner, forgiven only by the grace of God, who lives a life of repentance and sorrow for sin, and who desires “the things of God”—inward transformation into Christ like character, intimacy and communion...Read More »

Is A “Carnal Christian” Saved?: Part Two (Roger E. Olson)

Scripture is somewhat ambiguous about the requirement of progress in inward and outward moral transformation for assurance of salvation. While nothing in Scripture encourages trust in what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “cheap grace,” or what Lordship Salvation advocates call “easy believism,” Scripture does indicate that all that is...Read More »

Is A “Carnal Christian” Saved?: Part One (Roger E. Olson)

A phrase often used by evangelicals, especially in the past, was “carnal Christian.” There is no standard “dictionary definition” for it. Growing up in evangelicalism I heard it used very frequently in two distinct senses. To some people who use the phrase (and equivalent phrases) a “carnal Christian”...Read More »

Spiritually Learning Bible Truths (Pastor Frank L. Hoffman)

Spiritually learning Bible truths is vital to our understanding God’s creation and heavenly intent. The Bible is filled with history, stories, and many lessons for us to learn from, but just as Jesus often spoke in parables that only spiritual people could understand, most people seem to miss...Read More »

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