On the Memorial of St. Bernard: Lord, Send Us Monks for This New Missionary Age! (Deacon Keith A. Fournier)

Even though he was regularly summoned to leave the monastery by the needs of Church and State, Bernard was above all a monk, a man of deep prayer, communion and contemplation. It was that sincere devotion which made it possible for him to have wisdom to offer the Church in a critical time in her history. I believe we need Bernard’s for our own time, a time with so many parallels to the turn of the Second Millennium…. The ecclesial movement which we call western monasticism led to the birth and flourishing of the academy, the arts and the emergence of what later became known as Christendom.

From its earliest appearance, the monastic movement was a lay movement. From the midst of the community men were chosen for ordination in order to serve the members and the broader mission as it participated in the overall mission of the Church….. Monasteries are a seedbed of the great renewals of the Catholic Church. Monks are prophetic seeds of the kingdom who always seem to be around right when we need them the most. We need Monks for the authentic renewal of the Church in this hour. Lord, send your Holy Spirit, send us monks for the renewal of your Church and the work of this new missionary age. MORE…

Reflections: Monastic practice enables us to see the Divine in all (Bill Gregory)

These days, any conversation I have about spiritual practice is an opportunity for me to introduce my latest favorite book. At the moment it is Douglas Christie’s “The Blue Sapphire of the Mind: Notes for a Contemplative Ecology“…. Christie is a scholar of early and contemporary...Read More »

Biblical History Lessons – Heavenly Will of God (Pastor Frank L. Hoffman)

Biblical history lessons are not always in the heavenly will of God; therefore, we need to be on the alert to understand whether the lesson is “don’t follow this example; learn from its mistakes”…. One of these biblical history lessons is found in Exodus 1:1-2:10, which contains the...Read More »

Keeping the Faith: When enough is enough (Ronnie McBrayer)

More than a century ago Leo Tolstoy wrote about a greedy farmer in his tale, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” This farmer was discontent with his life because he never seemed to have enough. He moved town to town looking for greener pastures and greater opportunity....Read More »

A parable and its baggage: What the Prodigal Son story doesn’t mean (Amy-Jill Levine)

When it comes to parables and to ancient texts in general, our listening skills are not as developed as they should be. Not only do we frequently miss the original provocation, and not only do we frequently default to simplistic interpretations, we also often import ahistorical and anachronistic...Read More »

Become a Heretic for a While (Marc Cortez)

I recently spent several hours trying to convince a class that Arius was right, the Son is not equal with the Father, and Athanasius blew it. So we looked at all the biblical data suggesting that the Son is subordinate to the Father. We discussed Greek philosophy and...Read More »

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