A Letter To A Dying Church (Brandan Robertson)

After many centuries of enjoying this position of power and influence, God has seen fit to pull out the foundation of Christendom and caused the whole thing to crumble. And I for one am thankful…. While the studies indicate that organized communities of faith are in decline, the amount...Read More »

Animals and the Church? (Michael Gilmour)

Animals are everywhere in the Christian Bible and yet the erasure of the nonhuman from theological contemplation has been commonplace from the earliest days of the church. We see this in the New Testament itself. Just look at 1 Peter 3:20 and 2 Peter 2:5 where the takeaway...Read More »

Evangelical Christian pastors frame environmentalism in religious terms (Kelsey Dallas)

For the past five years, Mitch Hescox has served as president and CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network. For 18 years before that, he served as a local church pastor. And for 14 years before that, he worked in America’s coal industry. Vocationally speaking, he’s undergone...Read More »

America Is on Fire, and It's Not the Fire of God (Bert M. Farias)

What has happened to our nation? Clearly it is not the nation of my childhood. We are running headlong into death and destruction. Of the 22 civilizations throughout world history that reached the immoral state America is in now, 19 of them collapsed and were wiped out. In...Read More »

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