Trusting God Unconditionally Even Unto Death (Pastor Frank L. Hoffman)

Trusting God unconditionally even unto death is not something we should consider only when we face death; it is an attitude, as a way of being that we should be living as peacemaking children of God. If we are truly trusting God unconditionally in His heavenly will, it...Read More »

Enemies of inner peace (Michael Harmon)

The order of our day is not world peace, but inner peace. The subject of inner peace was addressed in last week’s article. The flip-side of inner peace is enemies of inner peace. What precludes us from achieving inner peace?  There are enemies that keep us from achieving...Read More »

A Science-Fiction Classic Still Smolders (Jon Michaud)

Walter M. Miller is best known for the only novel he published in his lifetime, “A Canticle for Leibowitz.” Composed of a trilogy of novellas that originally appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, ”Canticle,” which was released in 1959, has never been out of print, selling more...Read More »

Gluttony and the Christian (Daniel Calder)

We live in a time of unprecedented gluttony and obesity. While there is no necessary logical connection between one’s physical weight or belly size and one’s spiritual condition, there is, empirically, a highly probabalistic connection. That is, obesity is overwhelmingly the result of excessive food consumption. Furthermore, there...Read More »

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