From simple husband to ascetical priest (Richard Cross)

Ascesis, or the practice of self-discipline, particularly for religious reasons, is a life-long task that is important for all Christians, but it is an especially necessary practice if the Catholic priest in a pagan society hopes to retain his chastity. I have long thought that the near extinction of clerical ascesis in my lifetime has played a pivotal role in the sexual upheaval enveloping the Church, its priests and its bishops…. This essay is not strictly defining the ascetical life, its purpose, or its relation to the other virtues. Nor does it determine whether the ascetical life can alter personality, is a habit, or merely a disposition. Similarly, it is not my purpose here to demonstrate the necessity of ascesis in Christian living, the psychology of self-control, self-efficacy, and mental health, or the history of asceticism or its multicultural features, or how ascetical discipline helps maintain chastity, or how Christian asceticism is related to private prayer and the role of “purgation.” These are all important topics, but they are not dealt with here. This sketch simply describes what the material particulars of the ascetical life would look like in the US, or any “first world” country. MORE…


Life is a gift, but seeing it as that is a choice (Shae Keane)

Life wants to live. And, life deserves to live, without humans dictating what part of life gets to live, for how long, and at what cost. Not only is this an essential recognition in the way that we treat one another as human beings, but extends much further,...Read More »

Repentance Precedes Forgiveness (Pastor Frank L. Hoffman)

Repentance precedes forgiveness, for if we have not truly repented of our ungodliness, and received the Lords forgiveness, and forgiven ourselves, we can never truly love one another or really forgive them. We have heard people say that they thank an animal for giving his or her life,...Read More »

From Homeless Man to Orthodox Monk? (Thom Nickels)

RJ, the homeless guy who opens doors for people at the local WAWA, looks like an Orthodox monk. I’ve never told him this, but this realization dawned on me a few weeks ago as I made my way along Aramingo Avenue, suitcase in hand, on my way to...Read More »

Fasting In the Life of the Pastor (Pastor Ronnie Floyd)

Fasting is abstinence from food with a spiritual goal in mind. It is when we deny ourselves the most natural thing in order to pursue the God of heaven to do something supernatural in our life. When a pastor engages this age-old biblical principle, he will wake up and...Read More »

The Truth and Charity Trap (Fr. Dwight Longenecker)

In observing the Christian world in which I live and move and have my being it occurs to me that we too often fall into one of two different traps: we are charitable without truth or we are truthful without charity.By “charity” I mean the desire and inclination...Read More »

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