Evangelicals & environmentalists cooperate? (Christian Telegraph)

Russell D. Moore wrote in the latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. “A secular environmentalist could evoke cheers on ‘The Daily Show’ by lampooning conservative Christians for claiming to be ‘pro-life’ while ignoring toxins in the atmosphere that produce birth defects or spontaneous abortions....Read More »

Training, information, education: treacherous labels (Alice von Hildebrand)

Man’s capacity to acquire greater technical skills and to learn more facts declines with age, and this leads to the glorification of youth and the denigration of old age. We are far from ancient wisdom teaching us to respect those whose head is crowned with white hair. (Leviticus...Read More »

The dangers of the fifth gospel -- real Christianity is no buffet (Michael Bresciani)

We all know of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but have you heard of the fifth gospel? I used to call it the gospel according to the Americans, but it is becoming a worldwide phenomenon and I have broadened the definition to – the gospel according...Read More »

WWFD - What Would Francis Do? (Jon M. Sweeney)

Eight hundred years ago a little man in Italy was saving the Church from its corruption, clericalism, irrelevance, and insincerity by waking people up to a renewed focus on the Gospel. His name was Francesco Bernardone, but we know him as Saint Francis of Assisi…. The stories of...Read More »

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